A2. Bout Me

Who Am I and what I do?
-Am a regular American looking for the Truth on a number of subjects…
-Search for the Truth by any means possible then write about the tak-tiks used to achieve it…
Am The Greatest Unsolved Mystery in all of American History.
399670_173929869380819_1466184961_n dsc005381
Am George Washington
1450111_1435436470013200_96620283_n 1466293_1435434720013375_494058385_n
Am Thomas Jefferson
374181_167937233313416_695443382_n1 3-aulabaugh 404530_167937003313439_1540239216_n
Am The Wolf, a Ghost, The Lion,
298493_104356756338131_1605634580_n dsc00528 the-lion
Am Jesse James, Elmer Snowden, Billy TheKid,
download 9888_1413508225542199_1219916066_n-1 images
Am Alexander The Great, Robert The Bruce, King David,
1240606_1420041301555740_1635158891_n 1186197_1420008808225656_1222066990_n 487971_1419915234901680_2002742862_n-11
Am Vejovis, Quetzalcoatl, Odin,
1236220_1419941578232379_1196652083_n 1240519_1420093781550492_149020707_n 1208780_1419997978226739_2953192_n
Am The Moose, The Hawk, The Devil Dog Pit Bull,
1392940_1378142145761615_2101690355_n 1378873_1378163969092766_1911493610_n 1392443_1378162892426207_185087021_n
Am the Trippin Frog, The Chemilion, The Great White Shark,
1422614_1378136475762182_238546703_n 923392_1378162362426260_2115491889_n 1380116_1378163739092789_2047062529_n
Am Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Cochise,
1391693_1377625975813232_117764077_n-1 1378257_1378091199100043_1171948602_n 1383932_1377972919111871_449426471_n
Am The Three Legged Anonymous Great White Buffallo,
578444_1378349005740929_1365995171_n 1378875_1378355645740265_493246899_n 1012015_1378350255740804_143588257_n
Am The Little Devil, The Unknown Soldier, Hell On Earth
1381385_1378348562407640_811887354_n 1382084_1378348722407624_973517210_n 1003021_1375017336074096_789024742_n
Am The 33 Lone Wolf 13
You will never Know,
Nobody will always…
-I am Nobody-
428388_118909291647268_1651659748_n 1001231_1444521942441009_1841846893_n

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