A6. May 14, 1973 Sky Lab Launch

Sky Lab Launch May 14, 1973
Apollo_program_insignia Skylab_Patch RobbinsMedallionSkylabByPhilKonstantin 128px-RocketSunIcon.svg 800px-USNS_Vanguard 800px-Skylab_labeled 800px-Skylab2_1974_Issue-10c 800px-Skylab_Latrine 640px-Skylab3-Patch 640px-Skylab1-Patch (1) Skylab2-Patch 640px-Skylab1-Patch Skylabfragment Sunflare_skylab4_big Skylab_reentry_map.svg 800px-Teleoperator_Retrieval_System_with_Shuttle 640px-Skylab_4_undocking 800px-Skylabexpsheet 640px-Astronaut_Owen_Garriott_Performs_EVA_During_Skylab_3_-_GPN-2002-000065 800px-Msfcneg7461522 640px-Skylab_3_flyaround Skylab_launch 640px-Skylab_illustration 711px-Wet_Workshop.svg 640px-Dr._von_Braun's_Sketch_of_the_Space_Station_8883912_original 640px-Skylab_3_Close-Up_-_GPN-2000-001711 1280px-40_Years_Ago,_Skylab_Paved_Way_for_International_Space_Station Skylab_Program_Patch 640px-Skylab_(SL-4)
Sky Lab Launch May 14, 1973
Skylab was a space station launched and operated by NASA and was the United States’ first space station. Skylab orbited the Earth from 1973 to 1979, and included a workshop, a solar observatory, and other systems. It was launched unmanned by a modified Saturn V rocket, with a weight of 169,950 pounds (77 t).[1] Three manned missions to the station, conducted between 1973 and 1974 using the Apollo Command/Service Module (CSM) atop the smaller Saturn IB, each delivered a three-astronaut crew. On the last two manned missions, an additional Apollo / Saturn IB stood by ready to rescue the crew in orbit if it was needed.
Launch May 14, 1973 17:30:00 UTC
From: Sunday, March 11, 1973 at 2:05:00 PM
To Monday, May 14, 1973 at 5:30:00 PM
Result: 64 days, 3 hours, 25 minutes and 0 seconds
2 months, 3 days
5,541,900 seconds
92,365 minutes
1539 hours (rounded down)
64 days (rounded down)
9 weeks (rounded down)
Reentry July 11, 1979 16:37:00 UTC
– 020025Sky-lab01  s_IMG_7568_zpse4c5db63 mir_atmosphere-thumb-250x351 hqdefault
From: Sunday, March 11, 1973 at 2:05:00 PM
To: Wednesday, July 11, 1979 at 4:37:00 PM
Result: 2313 days, 2 hours, 32 minutes and 0 seconds
The duration is 2313 days, 2 hours, 32 minutes and 0 seconds
6 years, 4 months
199,852,320 seconds
3,330,872 minutes
55,514 hours (rounded down)
2313 days (rounded down)
330 weeks

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