A8. July 4, 1973

July 4, 1973
Dick Nelson with Lucky The Clown – July 4, 1973 (Vince Mayer Photo)
Daytona – Paul Revere 250 – July 4, 1973
This HU-16 is one of the last operational USAF Albatrosses. It established a world altitude record for twin-engine amphibians when it reached 32,883 feet on July 4, 1973. Two weeks later, it was flown to the U.S. Air Force Museum.
Batman 250 (July 1973)
“The Deadly Numbers Game!”
Story by Frank Robbins
Art by Irv Novick & Dick Giordano
During Independence Day celebrations (July 4, 1973),
a fireworks display crowns the Washington, D.C. skyline
(Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monu- ment, U.S. Ca pitol).
The U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial
(Iwo Jima flag raising) graces the foreground.
From: Sunday, March 11, 1973
To: Wednesday, July 4, 1973
Result: 116 days
3 months, 24 days
10,022,400 seconds
167,040 minutes
2784 hours
116 days
16 weeks

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