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J.F.K 11-22-1963
The First Act of Present Day Terrorism Started in the United States with the Assassination Of John F Kennedy.
The Assassination of J.F.K. took place 3397 days, 5 hours, 35 minutes and 0 seconds before I was born
*First Americans need to ask them selves who they are and what they are as individuals.
*If one were to ask me my opinion of what Americans are today, My opinion would be pretty low.
*My opinion of the average American today is a group of people who don’t know who they are, where they come from. They are cheap, stupid, ignorant and worthless.
*While walking the streets, its sometimes hard to get the time of day let alone help with a flat tire or a ride home in the rain.
I have heard from every type of person, every race, every claimed religion that its ok to take from those who have more with out asking first. I’ve seen kids steal from there own parents, from each other, from there neighbors and from there friends. Then they grow up to be adults who do the same thing.
*Watching the politicians of today it is becoming Obvious that the average American is more comfortable living a lie, lying to it self and joining other larger groups of liars who reinforce the lies to help with the day by day lie that lead to a fairy tail comfort zone that are nothing more then a child’s lies matured into adults who have no foundation.
Lets Start With J.F.K.
*One Side tells you the Right wing Killed JFK because of Civil Rights issues, The side that said those things is the same side writing legislation that takes freedom, individual power, even life from those who are not able to defend them selves.

Who’s right is it to kill a baby?
The side that tells you its a woman’s right to kill its offspring does not care if its a female baby who’s life will be taken, whose future will be stolen from it. They tell you that murder is legal.

How can any human think that the murder of a human by another human can be a “human right”, any human’s right of any religion, race or nationality?
*If you ask Me, The ones who make this “FALSE PROPHETIC CLAIM” deserve nothing more then to have a razor blade dragged across there throat from one ear to the other.
GRANT ME RIGHTS, I am %100 ok with raising the Abortion age to what ever and Killing every single person who hold, lives by or preaches this view of life and “Human Rights”

If in this world one living human can say that it can remember the first spark of life from when the first cell, the “Fertilized Egg” divided, after that human was conceived, would aborting that human be considered a murder?
I can remember all the way back to when the first cell of my body and mind was conceived and the egg was fertilized. I remember that spark. I can still see it today.
If Abortion is legal under state law, Then ALL MURDER is legal.
It amuses me that Just before J.F.K was assassinated, in the news media they projected his death. The Media had its guilty list of suspects before the idea was even in the national Consciousness as if it were some sort of Hollywood Skit.
Then He was Killed.
Then the strange things started to happen.
The Vietnam War started.
If one looks back, The draft was based on a lottery. The lottery consisted of information that was gathered and collected by the government. This information had everything such as race, age, family membership numbers, political views and educational background information.

If The Government had all this information, isn’t it Possible for the leadership of this government could hand pick those with opposing political views and have them eliminated mentally, physically and socially?
During the Vietnam War, All the school age children were told, “Enroll in College and You will not be sent or you will be called last”.

The reality was, The Government schools were the indoctrination centers. Those students who were weak in mind and easily lead by the communist teachers who infiltrated the american educational system, they were partially involved in what students that were to be sent to the death camps known as the Vietnam War.
There partners were the Military Industrial Complex who made the Profits from producing and selling the weapons to the military at the TAX PAYERS expense.
The Political Partnership extended all the way to the owners and stock holders in those companies and to the people who owned the Mortuary services.
The average Funeral for a service man was $7000.00, this money was also charged to the TAX PAYER.

Think about the type of person who was chosen to go to the Vietnam War?
The Ones who were chosen to go to the Vietnam War were mostly Farmers who had land in there families for some 200 years and some even longer. These people scrapped by in life. All they really had was the land that they used to grow food, raise livestock and trade with there neighbors. Most of the people who worked on these farms were AMERICAN BLACKS AND WHITES who survived for all this time as partners and friends after the civil war.
These people were the targets of the communist revolution that was taking place here in america.

During all of this, The Kids in the schools were told or racism and racists, Divisions were created in the people using the media, the TV news and The News papers by driving a wedge between the blacks and the whites that did get along and live together. The people who didn’t buy into the media lie and who had friendly partnerships among the races, who lived and worked together socially and equally, they were the first to be sent to the war and killed to keep the truth from getting out.
The next to go were the farmers who didn’t have much money but had land that they was passed down threw there generations. The next to go were the more independent minded who were self reliant and strong.

Now toward the end of the war, one must remember how the survivors and how they were treated by the politicians and those students who were indoctrinated by the communist teachers of the day.
They were called things like “Murderers, baby killers” and other such things.
at the same time, the political partners of the communist teachers were pushing Abortion rights and the true partners of the teachers were in fact the War Creators and the drafters
They killed the kids and then called the ones who survived baby killers at the same time they were indoctrinating the kids in the schools and teaching them that killing there own children was a human right.
This is why i say Americans for the most part are mindles brain washed ignorant little sheep.
They bought the act Hook Line and Sinker…
The Bought The False Idol Hollywood Act…
Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter
usn-lieutenant-john-f-kennedy-ww2 car0-025a john_f-_kennedy_-_nara_-_518134 jimmy-carter2
4-mm-jfk-jpg marilyn-monroe-kennedy-brothers ifwt_presjfk
Nobody Knows…
– 1382145_1380156225562625_55532069_n 1465275_1393711137538049_162929855_n
They tell us that Osama Binladen was born 2448 days Before J.F.K. was killed.
From: Sunday, March 10, 1957
To: Friday, November 22, 1963
Result: 2448 days
6 years, 8 months, 12 days
211,507,200 seconds
3,525,120 minutes
58,752 hours
2448 days
349 weeks
They tell us that Osama Binladen was born 16 years and one day before I was born.
From: Sunday, March 10, 1957
To: Sunday, March 11, 1973
Result: 5845 days
16 years, 1 day
505,008,000 seconds
8,416,800 minutes
140,280 hours
5845 days
835 weeks
You really cant handle the truth…
From: Tuesday, December 23, 1913
To: Tuesday, September 11, 2001
Result: 32,039 days
87 years, 8 months, 19 days excluding the end date
2,768,169,600 seconds
46,136,160 minutes
768,936 hours
32,039 days
4577 weeks
Schlachtschiff "Bismarck"

Uploaded on May 2, 2009
From Johnny Horton, Sink The Bismrack
They told us that Osama Binladen was killed May 2 2011?
I was 13,931 days old. Notice the Symmetry…
From: Sunday, March 11, 1973
To: Monday, May 2, 2011
Result: 13,931 days
38 years, 1 month, 21 days
1,203,638,400 seconds
20,060,640 minutes
334,344 hours
13,931 days
1990 weeks

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