C1. Introduction to The Psychological Operation


The Tools of The Psychological Operations are “hidden in plane sight”
The Tools of the most prolific psychological operations begin in the most unlikely of places which is why they breed much of the dogma believed by the majority of a population of any nation, group, political party or religion.

The Tools of the Psychological Operations start the day a person is born and continue throughout the life of the person.

The main Purpose of Psychological operations is to grab a hold of the minds of the people, the citizenry of a nation and control them from birth to death.
The Psychological Operations by Governments have many many purposes.
The main purpose Psychological Operations by Government is to extract Energy from its people in the form of financial extraction known as TAXES in order to enrich it self to maintain control of the population threw Regulation and Laws that are designed to generate further revenue threw Ticketing, Fines and Licensing.

There are many Forms of Psychological Operations that are used by the Business Industry concerning Commercialization, Marketing, Product Placement, Advertising, Sales and Distribution.
We Must take into consideration that in a free society people are allowed to use any means necessary to make a living and almost everything should be legal in a competitive world in order for people and businesses to succeed so long as no rights are violated and liability is met with equal compensation concerning false advertising and injury associated with accidental malfunctioning products.

My Present Concern is informing the public with the (synergistic) (Affect) of certain, if not all forms of Government Entities, Psychological Operations, Taxes, Insider Trading, Election Fraud, Money Laundering, and various other Political Oriented crimes Up to and including Terrorism, War Crimes, and Murders.


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