C32. Psychological Operations with the voter.


People often want to believe what they read in the news papers, hear on the radio or see on T.V.
It is only natural to want to believe what they see hear and read as being True or of Truth or being true, When in actuality most of what is broadcast over any form of Media that is regulated by the FCC is completely and totally 100% 180 degrees from what is going on in reality.
Most of what is Broadcast threw an FCC media outlet are not news stories or entertainment shows but Predictive Programming Psychological Warfare weapons using Neuro-linguistic programming.
Neuro-linguistic programming
Linguistic intelligence
Methods of neuro-linguistic programming

Neuro-linguistic programming is a type of device that employees the use of words, numbers, idioms, rhymes, reverse linguistics, mixed with sounds, frequencies, flashy pictures, particular spectral repetitions in order to embed ideas and thoughts into the conscience thought patterns of the viewing or listening audience.
(For example, Lets take two political candidates for office, any office, of any political party.
What we may hear over the Government media complex may sound like this:
“Candidate A” is running against “candidate B” to increase the money for the poor and needy.
“Candidate B” is running against “Candidate A” to increase Jobs.
“Candidate A” has a 47% voting record with the minority citizens.
“Candidate B” has a 48% voting record with business owners.)
–When in reality, the possibility that not a single voter likes either “candidate a or b” is more often true then not and the listening or viewing audience may never hear of “candidate c, d, e, or f” who all of the citizens may have met threw door knocking or is a prominent figure in the particular voting district where they are running at that particular time in history.
“Candidate A and B” may be working for the same team who have ill intentions for the district or that nation, but because of the promises we always hear about that are “made behind closed doors”, the reality is, the public in general are the ones on the other side of that door and even those 90% of the voters or the public having never taken a neighborhood pole them self by simply asking there neighbors what they think about what the government media complex is brainwashing them with, go along like sheep asleep at the wheel with what they are told is a Pole of the Popular opinion which in reality is 100% fabricated and false.
I the 2008 Presidential Election,
The Population of The United States was manipulated 100%.
Here is How.
In the begining the questions of citizenship were discussed in the Government Media Complex.
The Truth was, Neither John McCain or Barack Obama were born in The United States.
What The Government Media Complex told us was that Barack Obama and his campaign staff had no issue with where John McCain was born when the reality is, the public should have been shown the questions of where Barack Hussein was born considering that he has the same exact name of the leader of the nation we were in the middle of a war with for the previous 5 to 6 years.
AT that time, Unbeknownst to the people, both John McCain and Barack Obama’s campaign advertisements were produced in the studio in the State Department along with Hillary Clinton and in 2012 Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s advertisements were produced by the same company within the State Department.
State Department Launches TV Studio
Emmanuel Opati — February 26, 2008
(The Truth is, The Pentagon has had a Studio since the first TV was created.
2)images (3)imagesimages (1)images (2)
3)DOD Press Briefing Roomdownloadpbr-case-study-1
Below are some photos,
wb20130207e1a-870x396 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 0629-newsmedia_full_600 (2) 0629-newsmedia_full_600 (1) 0629-newsmedia_full_600 ap_tax_clock_jef_111205_wb scr_200212263b_hr press-briefing-room-2007-unveiling2 screen_20060412173255_6tpc-pga2-20060412 bilde 100825-F-0049A-003 Obama_Hugh_29 news_studio_virtual1 wlecair cp24_homepage_01 newsroom Pentagon staff 100224_navy_cyber_lab_navy_218 Nasa Mission Control Center 2011-06-16T163827Z_01_WAS459_RTRIDSP_3_USA-CYBERSECURITY watch-floor-case-study-2-lg watch-floor-case-study-1-lg PR students in DC - Pentagon Media Briefing Room raven-rock-control-room article-1392746-0C58B1AA00000578-659_468x299 Air Force UFC tmpFFF.tmp_tcm20-192367 19-lg (1) images (6) jp-pakistan-articleLarge 050627-F-7203T-016.JPG 20120105-potus-pentagon_0 outgoingusde PHO-10Jan15-199203 20091222_091222a-007 130328-D-NI589-197 images (5) 19-lg 20-lg
Chances are greater then not that every single candidate in every single district in every single county and state has there advertisments run threw hear before they are distributed to the Government Media Complex for the Viewing and listening audience.
And Have Been since the Assassination of J.F.K. 11-22-1963 where the Zapruder film was released.
1)download (3)
Zapruder film
(The Zapruder film is a silent, color motion picture sequence shot by private citizen Abraham Zapruder with a home-movie camera, as U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, thereby inadvertently capturing the President’s assassination.)
2)download (1)
The ZAPRUDER film HQ real HQ
3)download (2)
Hi quality footage of JFK Assassination
Government Media Complex / NSA?
The Circle of Fifths…

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