C33. Psychological Operations & Intellectual Property Theft.


The “Tip of the Spear” in the Psychological War is Predictive Programming and psychological conditioning of the Listening and viewing audience.
Their are a number of reasons for the use of Predictive Programming.
Covering the tracks Of Intellectual Property Theft by the Government Intelligence Agencies within a country from the citizens of that country by pumping out small tidd-bits of the stolen intellectual property in the form of Commercials, Television Shows, Movie trailers, Book, Covers and Sound Bites.
***(For Example:
In the mid 90′s i wrote a story. This story was what was used in 2001 called the “September 11 A-Tax”, I call it a Tax because the September 11 attacks was a story I wrote in 1997.
I wrote about the use of Air liners to take out the Twin Towers. My Story was exactly the story published by the “9-11 Co-Mission Report” all the way down to the box cutters used to gain control of the planes based on the current security protocol concerning Hostage negotiations and hijackings of the day. In 1997, I wrote the entire story. It was stolen from me. It was then pumped into some particular movies and television shows. At that Time I did not watch television or I would have sought out an investigator and located the exact route in which my story in which I had hopes of completing and selling in the future as a science fiction novel.
If After 9-11-01 I wanted to sue the federal Government for intellectual property theft, By that time they would have dumped enough “predictive programming” trailers and sound bites into the media, They would be able to say I was the one stealing from them or from one of the CIA/NSA AGENT operatives within The Hollywood Government Media Complex. Never Forget, Everyone who works in conjunction with Hollywood has to have a certain level of Security Clearance before the individual can even apply for a job.)
Covering the tracks of Intellectual Property Theft by the Government Intelligence Agency or individual Agent within a Particular agency within a country from its citizens by announcing some sort of Attack or Cyber attack on the Nation or a data base in the Nation by an out side invisible entity that would hardly have interest or knowledge of such property with out the Government Intelligence Agency or individual Agent having visualized it, heard it or read it prior to the announced theft, sale and distribution of such property to a foreign entity or to an entity that claim to be of foreign origin.
***(For Example:
Lets say a person is a musician. Lets say a person writes a song and transmits the song electronically threw the e-mail to a band member. Then a week later the band members are listening to the radio and hear their song either the lyrics or the instrumentals coming across some form of FCC regulated media such as TV or Radio, most of the time, If the Property is stolen by someone within the US Intelligence Agencies, it will be sold out of the country and the amateur Musician of artist will neither have the funds or the means to investigate such theft.)
If and When The average Citizen picks up on the Intellectual Property Theft from the Citizens by its own Government, Generally the Government or the Government Media Complex will make some sort of outrageous announcement that neither any citizen or even any member of some law enforcement group or member ca track or do anything about as the blame for such theft.
***(For Example:
This Story
In May 19, 2014 the U.S. Department of Justice announced that a Federal Grand Jury had returned an indictment of five officers of the People’s Liberation Army on charges of theft of confidential business information and intellectual property from U.S. commercial firms and of planting malware on their computers.
High profile Chinese spy cases in US media raised the concerns of civil rights groups for potential racial profiling Chinese Americans, Asian Americans, or immigrants of Chinese origin for being spies, after the high profile “Chinese espionage” case against Wen Ho Lee fallen apart.
-The Problem?
Intellectual Property was stolen from citizens by The US Government Intelligence agencies. The Government and The Government Media Complex created

The first thing the Government using the tools of the Government Media Complex does is plant the Idea for

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