D1. The Definition of Terrorism


We must Define Terrorism because for the last 20 years, the United States has engaged on a “War On Terror”
The Definition of Terrorism is this:
Terrorism – An “Act of War” conducted on the Citizens of a Nation by its own Government to achieve a Political or Financial Objective.
In all Reality, Terrorism should be called or named “TAXism”
Everything that Terrorism brings us is based solely on the extraction of Financial Independence from the Citizens of a Nation in the form of TAXATION.

We the People of this Nation and any Nation are being robbed by our own governments and the banking institutions that prop them up.

It can be found that Every Terrorist Act or Attack that has been aimed at this nation, The United States has been created and distributed by its own government with the Targets being its own Citizens for a financial gain in the form of Taxation with the Propagandized Goal of making us, the people more safe in an every increasing terrorized world.

The Politicians in one party claim that the other party is holding the people hostage when in reality, it is the politicians in both parties who are holding their own party and the opposition party hostage by raising taxes, extracting financial gains in the form of Taxation at the point or the threat of a gun or a Government constructed Home invasion seeking out some sort of contraband deemed illegal.

Politicians in one party tell we the people that the problems are in fact that the politicians in the opposition party have engaged in some sort of illegal war and at the same time they tell we the people this, those same politicians vote for the war and in addition to them voting for the illegal war, they vote for the constitution disassembling Police State Legislation.
The two work hand in hand.
The two, when it is said that “Back Room Deals” are taking place while pointing fingers at the opposition party are also in those same “Back Room Deals” with the very ones they are pointing at.

While one party of Politicians is pointing fingers at the other party’s Politicians in hopes of driving a wedge between the “Independent Voter” to gain the vote in the next election,
The Fact is, They are all in the back room dealing to contrive an Election heist and steal the seats from any american in any party who attempts to take a stand and take a seat at the table of which no american is truly invited.

One more fact of this form of Terrorism,
Anyone who may show that they do have a chance to take a seat at the table with the current regime known as Republicans or Democrats,
If they have not been Homosexual Hazed into the Fraternity with the members of those who do have seats at the table or who have been grooming the interns that work for them who are the chosen few for the next in line to sit at the table,
Those challengers will be killed.

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