E13. The PS General Slocum fire June 15, 1904

The PS General Slocum fire June 15, 1904
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The PS General Slocum fire June 15, 1904
The PS General Slocum was a passenger steamboat built in Brooklyn, New York, in 1891. The General Slocum was named for Civil War General and New York Congressman Henry Warner Slocum. She operated in the New York City area as an excursion steamer for the next thirteen years under the same ownership. During her service history, she was involved in a number of mishaps, including multiple groundings and collisions.
On June 15, 1904, the General Slocum caught fire and sank in the East River of New York City.[1] At the time of the accident she was on a chartered run carrying members of St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (German Americans from Little Germany, Manhattan) to a church picnic. An estimated 1,021 of the 1,342 people on board died. The General Slocum disaster was the New York area’s worst disaster in terms of loss of life until the September 11, 2001 attacks, and remains the worst maritime disaster in the city’s history.[2] The events surrounding the General Slocum fire have appeared in a number of books, plays and movies.
From: Wednesday, June 15, 1904
To: Sunday, March 11, 1973
Result: 25,106 days
68 years, 8 months, 24 days
2,169,158,400 seconds
36,152,640 minutes
602,544 hours
25,106 days
3586 weeks
From: Wednesday, June 15, 1904
To: Tuesday, September 11, 2001
Result: 35,517 days
97 years, 2 months, 27 days
3,068,668,800 seconds
51,144,480 minutes
852,408 hours
35,517 days
5073 weeks

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