E3. San Nazaro in Brescia Explosion 8-11-1769

San Nazaro in Brescia Explosion 8-11-1769
In August 11, 1769, lightning struck the Church of San Nazaro in Brescia, Italy. The church vaults stored 100,000 tons of explosives, resulting in a massive blast that killed 3,000 people and caused widespread destruction in the city. Why store gunpowder in a church? For years, superstition held that ringing church bells could ward off lightning, making the church seem like a good place to store tons of volatile explosives.
From: Friday, August 11, 1769
To: Sunday, March 11, 1973
Result: 74,356 days
203 years, 7 months
6,424,358,400 seconds
107,072,640 minutes
1,784,544 hours
74,356 days
10,622 weeks

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